Monday, 9 July 2012

I finished the Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Hi folks!

Thought you might want to read my story about the Ride to Conquer Cancer!  Here's the thank you letter I'll be sending off to my sponsors.

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your support in my recent fundraising effort, the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer!  With your help, I was able to raise $6,769 toward cancer research, treatment, support and care.

Our efforts contributed to a province wide total of $8 million dollars raised for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The Alberta Cancer Foundation is directly responsible for supporting the work of the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, Jack Ady Cancer Centre, Lethbridge, Central Alberta Cancer Centre, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie Cancer Centre along with 11 community cancer centres.

The ride occurred on a cloudy, rainy day.  While the rain was uncomfortable, particularly when it came heavily, it was preferable to the hot sun, which creates many hazards relating to dehydration and sunstroke.  Needless to say, your donations were well earned – it poured for 12 straight hours on the evening between day 1 and day 2.  I slept in a puddle while my tent dripped on my face and all over my dry clothes.  It was certainly ‘memorable.’

The event planners did an excellent job connecting the ride and the important cause it supports, from flags to identify cancer survivors to recorded video messages that play for participants on a large screen as they cross the finish line.  Inspiration was certainly not in short supply.

As you likely know, I undertook this effort in memory of my mother, who passed away from cancer 7 years ago, and in honour of my uncle and his family, who are now fighting a similar battle.  Many of you have supported me because you have been through this experience yourselves.  I empathize with your difficult journey, and thank you for your generosity.  I hope and trust that, as we pull together toward this goal, we will see the effects of this terrible disease reduced, and maybe one day, eliminated.  I hold on to hope that my son will not have to endure the heartache that cancer has caused to me and my generation.

Once again, thank you for your support.  You were on my thoughts as I rode, and I felt your encouragement uphold me, especially after the 60th drop of rain on my head in my sleeping bag, or as my calf (or hamstring, or hip) tightened up on the 175th kilometre.


Dan Ouwehand

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