Thursday, 10 May 2012

Enough about me...

Hi Readers.

At first I thought I'd blog every day.  Then I thought every week would be fine.  But you know, if you want the play by play of my thought life, follow me on twitter (@ow_a_hand).  If you do, you'll see why I don't post here very frequently.  As far as profound, timeless thoughts go, the talent pool is decidedly shallow.

A blog is supposed to be "value based".  It's the definition of 'pull marketing'.  I'm not selling anything.  I'm putting stuff out there for you to take if you like.  Like some sort of church potluck of ideas (hopefully my blog's not the jello with shredded carrots.  Blech).  But regardless, I only want to put stuff on here that I think people will find interesting.

I've been reading this sales blog who is encouraging his readers that writing is the best way to get value out and establish yourself as an expert to customers.  I've also listened to countless leadership experts say that, if you truly want to lead people, you'd do better being interestED, rather than trying to be interestING.  If you want people to like you, talk about them, not yourself.  I read marketing blogs who say, if you want to be effective at marketing, you have to know everything about WHO you are trying to reach.  Who is your target market?

So, who's my 'market'?  If this was truly an exercise in retaining valuable info I'd learned, I would keep a journal, not a blog.  So why am I writing this to you?  WHO EVEN ARE YOU PEOPLE?

First question: what am I trying to accomplish?  I don't think I'm trying to sell carpet to you. **pause for collective sigh of relief** Am I trying to find a job? To market my skills?  No, I love my job and I'm not an entrepreneur.  So who am I writing this for?  Well, let me try to describe you.  I hope you're flattered.

YOU are someone who likes to chew on ideas.  You like it when someone respectfully challenges things you've always taken for granted.  You might know me, you might not, but you like having intelligent conversations.  You're always looking for someone who can eloquently summarize something you've felt for a long time.  You like to broaden your horizons and fortify your principles.  You like to do things well, and you seek wisdom (meaning living life skillfully).  You may be a professional, you may spend all day with your kids and yearn for adult conversations, but you are convinced that you haven't stopped growing yet.  You believe we can find the best way if we can get as many ideas into the forum as possible.  You're constructive.

So why am I writing to you?  Well, maybe, just maybe, writing this blog will draw like-minded people out of the woodwork, and we can enrich each other's lives.  This blog already helps me learn by crystallizing thoughts that float around in my head, but I'd be even luckier if this blog helped me learn because it attracted smart people who can teach me NEW things by interacting with me and the ideas I play around with.  So, I'm not looking for a job, but I know, Know KNOW that attracting constructive, smart, thoughtful people around myself will create amazing opportunities for me AND you.

So, I hope I'm describing you.  And if I'm not, then perhaps I'm challenging something you've taken for granted.  All readers are welcome here, of course (just no trolls).  But the goal is not to be a diversion from your life.  The goal is to take ideas and turn them into concrete opportunities.  To make relationships and then make things happen in the REAL world.  The world that happens when you turn your computer off (yes - there's an off switch).

Consider this your invitation, people, to come out of the woodwork.  Let's start a conversation that turns into action.  Do something to turn ideas into reality and improve your life.

Lets hear your comments.  Who are you?  Why do you read this?  Who's YOUR target audience?  Why do you read blogs/play social media/etc?  What are you trying to get out of this?


2 Epilogue comments:  1.  Though this post is about YOU, you may notice how much it's about me and who I write for.  Sorry 'bout that.  2. There is another type of reader out there - the most loyal kind.  They're called my family.  They read it because they love me.  Regardless of whether they think I'm an idiot or not.  Hi guys.  Feel free to print this out and magnet it to the fridge.

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  1. Well, I guess I'm family... but I love getting to see the intelligent, thoughtful side of you. Your comments are always meaningful and encouraging (even if I don't read them every week). Tonight, I was feeling lonely -- that's often why I read blogs -- and now I feel less lonely. So thanks, Dan.